Innovative internet business
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Childcare is the UK's largest online meeting platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors. We have helped over one million parents and care providers connect with each using our safe and secure online web based platform and award winning iOS and Android mobile apps.



DataTables provides software developers with the ability to quickly and easily display complex data in virtually any web application. Freely available, DataTables is used by large organisations such as Amazon, USA Today and the UN, and together with its commercial editing component, DataTables forms the foundation for a successful business.

Isis software incubator

Isis Software Incubator

The Isis Software Incubator (ISI) supports nascent software ventures from Oxford University’s ecosystem. Launched in 2011, the ISI has taken in 29 ventures in its first 3 years of operation and supported them in translating their idea into a product, taking that product to market and establishing a sustainable business.



"LawBite is an easy-to-use online legal platform providing “Simple Law for Small companies”. It keeps Small Companies safe and sound at a price they can afford,  providing simple, plain English contracts and documents, a unique range of editing and sharing tools, and a virtual law firm wrapped around the platform."

LiveDrive Internet

Livedrive Internet

An innovative internet business shouldn’t just offer a quirky experience. It should somehow change its users’ lives. Livedrive lets you share important moments with loved ones and provides a digital safety net, at very little cost. Our customers are constantly telling us how Livedrive has helped them and their families.

Open Energy Market

Open Energy Market

Open Energy Market has saved £3mn in 6 months by making commercial energy buying more efficient. Dubbed the “ebay for energy”, this unique buying platform automatically removes all hidden fees, creates real-time competition and guarantees the lowest energy rates for any company, direct from the full supplier market.


WriteLatex - Overleaf

Overleaf makes science and research faster, more open and more accessible by bringing the whole scientific process into one place, from idea to writing to review to publication. We're building Google Docs for science and are growing rapidly, with over a million documents created and users in over 180 countries worldwide



Resolver is the only free proactive assisted complaints resolution service for consumers. Covering 1,500 companies including energy, telecoms, travel, insurers, key retailers, restaurant chains, gyms, cinemas, Local Authorities and more resolver is the destination to manage all resolve complaints with a single, simple process. resolver is smarter complaining.

Online skills and training
in association with, created by Go ON UK

Achievers International

Achievers International

Achievers International is an online international enterprise programme. The concept is simple. Schools set up a student company and trade products with a student company in another country. Along the way they develop enterprise, ICT, language, communication and employability skills – as well as learning about each other’s country and culture.

BBC webwise

BBC Webwise

“WebWise is the BBC’s guide to digital skills and life in the connected age. We go beyond getting people online to inspire and support learners, enabling them to improve their lives online whether using a mobile, tablet, computer, games console or connected television.”

Digital unite

With over 400 how-to guides across 43 topic areas, a lively forum with 5,000 members and 800 external organisations linking to it, is proving itself to be an unrivalled destination for online skills and training support, ranking in the top 1% of the most visited websites globally.

Ideas Tap

Ideas Tap

"IdeasTap is a charity offering creative inspiration and support for emerging artists of all disciplines. connects talented people across the UK with training, funding, creative competitions, jobs and careers advice - everything they need to help them forge a successful career in the creative industries."

Learn my way

Learn My Way

"Learn My Way is a free, friendly online learning platform designed to make getting online easy for anyone without digital skills. From mouse and keyboard through to online banking, shopping and tv - plus resources and progression tracker for tutors - Learn My Way has helped more than one million people become confident internet users."

My computer my way

AbilityNet - My Computer My Way

Adjust your computer. Change your life! Every desktop computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet can be adjusted to make it easier for disabled people to use, such as increasing the text size, speaking your commands, slowing down the mouse, having words read to you and much more. My Computer My Way is AbilityNet’s free website that explains every accessibility feature in every type of computer, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Tech mums


#techmums empowers and mums by immersing them in hands on tech workshops, building their confidence and showing them how fun and exciting technology can be. Our mums design apps and websites, learn basic coding and tech skills preparing them for further learning, social media interaction and increased job opportunities.

Making the internet a safer place
in association with The Home Office led Cyber Streetwise campaign


OWASP Cornucopia

Cornucopia is a free printed playing card game for software developers. It helps identify security requirements, increases engagement, and contributes to awareness about vulnerabilities that lead to so many incidents. The game has been referenced by payment card security standard PCI DSS and is now being used beyond the UK.


The eCadets has had a dramatic impact for schools in boosting pupil safety and positively changing their eSafety culture. The three year scheme empowers a team of pupils to become the next generation of eSafety leaders. They complete challenges, promote eSafety and answer classmates questions, with specialist support from eTreble9.

IWF International Reporting Portal

IWF International Reporting Solution

The Internet Watch Foundation has developed an international Online Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Portal for developing countries with a growing internet network. It cheaply and efficiently enables populations to report imagery for swift assessment by the UK IWF hotline. It’s essential for building trust and safety, and furthering economic development.

Safer internet day

Safer Internet Day 2014

Safer Internet Day is the UK's biggest online safety initiative, engaging schools, government, industry, charities, parents and young people. As a result of SID2013, 2.3 million people changed their online behaviour, and early indications show that this year’s evaluation will demonstrate an even greater impact after what has been the biggest Safer Internet Day yet.

The Anti-social network

Eastlands Primary School
The Anti-Social Network

The school has received an overwhelming amount of recognition in relation to their creation of innovative teaching and learning resources to support esafety in schools through their peer to peer esafety ambassador projects.'The anti social network' stars 28 year 5 children who worked with Jam-av media production company to follow a child facing a courtroom trial for cyberbullying.

Virtually safe

Virtually S@fe

Sunscreen. Armbands. Stabilizers. Carseats. Stairgates. Protecting children in the physical environment. For many parents, guardians and carers protecting children in the online environment can seem much more daunting. Virtually S@fe is a Torbay based project delivered by the police, council and community which works to keep local children safer online.

Doing good online
in association with NCVO

Acts 435

Acts 435

Acts 435 is an innovative online giving charity which puts people who are in need in touch with those that can help. It is a simple, easily scalable, fast and effective way to help those facing practical difficulties.    Every penny goes to the requests a donor chooses to support. 

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK - Citizen Science Programme

Cancer Research UK’s Citizen Science programme is a world-leading initiative that harnesses the power of the general public to help scientists analyse real cancer data. By transforming scientific data into exciting and engaging formats, thousands of citizen scientists worldwide can help to accelerate our scientists’ research and beat cancer sooner.



Elefriends is a new kind of social network. We celebrate the good times, but we're also there when things get tough. We're there when you're struggling with your mental health and it doesn't feel like anyone will understand. We're the herd that's always listening, in the home we built together. 

Face Dementia


FaceDementia ( from Alzheimer’s Research UK simulates what many of the UK’s 820,000 people with dementia experience daily. By harnessing Facebook activity, the app reveals how profoundly memories determine our identity, and the impact of losing them. FaceDementia offers unique insights into our most feared health condition, combatting stigma and improving understanding

Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action

We wanted our new branding and website to be easy to use, reach women worried about ovarian cancer, support those with the disease, engage fundraisers and promote the work of our very own Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre. We’re really pleased that it seems to be doing just that!

The Safeworld International Foundation

The Safeworld International Foundation (Safe World for Women)

Safe World for Women provides an innovative platform for grassroots women’s groups, where donors and social investors identify sustainable projects that empower women socially and economically. Our global, multicultural team of volunteers, correspondents and extensive networks collaborate to address the ‘digital gender gap’, giving a voice to thousands of women.

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

Turn2us Benefits Calculator

The Turn2us Benefits Calculator was developed in response to major changes to the UK welfare benefits system - a time of great uncertainty. Our free and easy-to-use online calculator is helping thousands of people in financial hardship to get the benefits they are entitled to –for essential food, clothing and housing.

Digital innovation in public services
in association with techUK

Dementia Services Development Centre

Dementia friendly Virtual Hospital

DSDC’s Virtual Hospital presents 15 layouts, modelled to highlight how thoughtful design of environments can enable the wellbeing of people with dementia, anticipating how surroundings are interpreted and reinforcing memory and personal identity. It is accessible by anyone designing – or redesigning – their ward and clinic settings, anywhere in the world.



The eRedbook is the electronic PCHR (Personal Child Health Record), it engages parents in their child’s health and promotes partnership with health professionals. The eRedbook is a market leading exemplar of an untethered Personal Health Record (PHR), providing a whole system picture of a child’s health across multiple care settings.

HGV Road User Levy

Department for Transport in partnership with Northgate Public Services - HGV Road User Levy

HGV road user levy is ensuring that foreign trucks contribute to UK road maintenance for the first time. 100% of transactions are digital, 96% self service and 4% digital assist. More than 6000 levies are bought every day and compliance exceeds 95%. A major successful programme delivered a year early.


HMRC & Fujitsu

‘Imagine life for someone who can’t use a computer to access train times, compare prices, use government services or network with family and friends.  HMRC and Fujitsu are pioneering an innovative and collaborative programme to deliver IT skills training to people who have rarely or never gone online’

Informed Solutions

Informed Solutions - Consultation Portal for The Local Government Boundary Commission For England

The consultation portal, built on the InformedCONSULT platform, has transformed delivery of a key democratic process through a digital service which enables the public to review and comment on proposed electoral boundaries from their armchair or mobile device. It has increased public engagement by over 100%, empowering citizens while realising significant budgetary savings.

Tata consultancy services

National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

TCS’s digital solution for the NEST pension scheme combined a multi-channel approach for scheme interaction with a customer-centric design. The solution ensures NEST is able to handle very large volumes of employers and members, to achieve their vision of “helping millions in the UK save for their retirement".

school guide

School Guide

School Guide presents official data on 30,000 UK schools in an innovative easy-to-read read format for parents. The site helps parents choose the best school for their child, state or independent, based on location and unique star ratings. School Guide is official data provider for Mumsnet and is 100% free to use.


Start2 creative wellbeing resource

Start2 is a groundbreaking, free-to-use online NHS service. Comprising an evidence-based toolkit of unique resources, it melds mindfulness, creative and occupational therapies, to provide empowering self-help and health management strategies. Targeting both mental and physical wellbeing, Start2 offers preventative as well as remedial healthcare in a non-stigmatising and flexible package.

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