We have extensive experience in supporting all varieties of generic TLDs.

From .blog to .vip we provide the necessary expertise to make your Top Level Domain (TLD) a success. We operate some of the largest and some of the most unique TLDs in the world, offering unparalleled levels of service. Our secure, stable and scalable infrastructure is capable of delivering registration volumes of all sizes, through our network of over 2,500 member registrars.

We can support a dedicated online space for specific market sectors or interest groups. If you have a TLD with eligibility requirements (for example .law) we can help. We can support pre-validated or post-validated registration models. Alternatively, if you are operating an unrestricted TLD, with mass appeal, then we have the service to support you.

Why choose Nominet?

  • 20 years’ experience in delivering world-leading domain name infrastructure
  • Registrar partnerships worldwide
  • Award winning registrar support
  • Using our ground-breaking network analytics tool turing by Nominet, we can identify online abuse within your infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable registry services to meet your bespoke requirements

If you are interested in discussing your requirements for gTLD registry service please email us at