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The internet is your domain. Join us at Nominet and it could become your life, too.

Working at Nominet is about delivering our strategic objectives. It’s about working together and finding new ways to be as effective and as efficient as possible. And it’s about having a unique opportunity to do good things, and make a real difference across the planet.

Life at Nominet is fast moving, exciting and ambitious. If you have the kind of skills that really shine, it’s the perfect place to show the internet (and the world) what you can do – and you can find out more about what it’s like to work here on these pages.

What our people say

Gill Crowther

Gill Crowther

Director of HR

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor


Eleanor Bradley

Eleanor Bradley

Chief Operating Officer

Helen Tomes

Helen Tomes

Director of Marketing and Service Delivery

Leanne Kenny

Leanne Kenny

Policy Executive

Alex Allaway

Alex Allaway

Creative Lead

Matthew Garnham

Matthew Garnham

Second Line Support Adviser

Do you fit in?

Working here at Nominet isn’t just rewarding – it’s a unique experience, too.

That’s because everyone who works here is unique and individual too, which is just how we think it should be. In fact, it’s the diversity of our people that makes us so successful, and we know that each and every one of us in some way has the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

But there is one other thing that we do have in common – it’s the desire to play our part in making our vision a reality both now and in the future.

At Nominet, we always look for exactly the right people for each role we recruit for, and it’s about culture and attitude as much as skills and experience. So, here are a few questions that can help you decide whether you’ll fit in here:

  • It’s a good idea to ask yourself if you would be motivated in a not for profit environment, where doing the right thing is at least as important as delivering against your targets. Are you driven by the needs of customers rather than personal needs? And how you would put public purpose at the heart of what you do?

    Can you communicate clearly? Are you happy to question the way things are done, to listen and adapt? Does the job description offer all that you are looking for? Could you proactively challenge and drive your own development?

  • Is the position a good match for your strengths and skills? Does this role provide you with the chance to use them and develop them even further?

  • If you think you have the right skills and experience to apply for a management position here at Nominet, you should also ask yourself whether managing others excites you, whether you enjoy bringing out the best in others, and whether you’re happy to let others find their own answers.

Personal Development

As a member of the Nominet team you and your development are important.

At Nominet development is not something that we do to you – you are the owner of your development. Your manager and the organisation work with you to help ensure you deliver peak performance and are ready for the future challenges of the company.

We are fully committed to a coaching based ethos and our managers are all equipped to help you find the answers yourself.

Development comes in many forms at Nominet, coaching with your manager being the most common, but everything and anything could be right for you – so learning from others in the company or industry, attending courses or just getting the right book is all part of learning with us.

The nominet values

So, what are the Nominet values?

At Nominet, we believe that everyone does their best work when they’re using your strengths and doing things they really enjoy. And just like any organisation, we need our people to perform at their best work so that we can deliver against our strategic priorities.

The Nominet way is all about giving our managers the tools, resources and budgets to bring out the best in their people so that they can be as productive as possible and reach their potential.

Most of all, it’s about being lucky enough to have the full support of our board who recognise this as a vital part of how we will meet our vision.


We earn trust by being honest, ethical, responsible and by meeting our commitments.


We take ownership, make a contribution to the wider team and empower our people to make a difference.


We stand up for what we believe is right, even if it is uncomfortable or unpopular. We are brave enough to try new things and challenge convention. We are prepared to stop or change what’s not working.


We see change as opportunity. We work with pace and energy. We deliver results that matter by adapting, learning and problem-solving.


Senior Analyst Developer (Software Developer)

Up to £60K

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Paid Search and AdWords Account Executive

Up to 23K

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Front-End Software Engineer

Up to £49K

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